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Let us help you create a unique web solution to support your group or initiative. We can create the most basic site to tell the world who you are, or a solution that is integrated with various University systems to improve your area's productivity. Our team will help you determine how to best present your information. We will create a design and architecture, that will respond to the type of device being used by your site's visitor, from a huge desk top monitor, to a smartphone, we can present your message in a way to best interact with your audience.

As part of the University's IT group, we are in a unique position to leverage all IT system resources to solve your problems. We manage the University's calendar system, the internal Google search system, we approve all web commerce sites, we work closely with the University's electronic document management system team to create unique hybrid productivity solutions.

Information Architecture

Wireframe of website


Design mockup of website

Custom site Construction

Content management interface